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Exclusive Rates

DateItineraryCabinOur RateRoyal’s RateSavings
10/12/257n CaribbeanBalcony$2,579$2,719$140
10/19/257n CaribbeanBalcony$2,559$2,909$350
11/2/257n CaribbeanOceanview$2,039$2,369$330
11/2/257n CaribbeanBalcony$2,709$2,859$150
11/9/257n CaribbeanOceanview$1,939$2,248$309
11/9/257n CaribbeanCentral Park Balcony$2,279$2,598$319
11/9/257n CaribbeanBalcony$2,429$2,739$310
11/16/257n CaribbeanOceanview$2,039$2,369$330
11/16/257n CaribbeanBalcony$2,709$2,939$230
11/30/257n CaribbeanInside$1,779$2,069$290
11/30/257n CaribbeanOceanview$2,079$2,419$340
11/30/257n CaribbeanCentral Park Balcony$2,439$2,789$350
11/30/257n CaribbeanBalcony$2,759$2,909$150
12/7/257n CaribbeanInside$1,829$2,079$250
12/14/257n CaribbeanInside$1,829$2,239$410
12/14/257n CaribbeanOceanview$2,149$2,489$340
12/14/257n CaribbeanBalcony$2,849$3,009$160
1/4/267n CaribbeanInside$1,719$1,989$270
1/4/267n CaribbeanOceanview$1,999$2,318$319
1/4/267n CaribbeanBalcony$2,649$2,878$229
1/11/267n CaribbeanInside$1,799$2,089$290
1/11/267n CaribbeanOceanview$2,099$2,439$340
1/11/267n CaribbeanCentral Park Balcony$2,469$2,819$350
1/11/267n CaribbeanBalcony$2,639$2,999$360
1/18/267n CaribbeanInside$1,719$1,989$270
1/18/267n CaribbeanOceanview$1,999$2,318$319
1/18/267n CaribbeanBalcony$2,649$2,878$229
1/25/267n CaribbeanInside$1,799$2,089$290
1/25/267n CaribbeanOceanview$2,099$2,439$340
1/25/267n CaribbeanCentral Park Balcony$2,469$2,819$350
1/25/267n CaribbeanBalcony$2,639$2,999$360
2/1/267n CaribbeanInside$1,749$2,038$289
2/1/267n CaribbeanOceanview$2,049$2,379$330
2/1/267n CaribbeanCentral Park Balcony$2,409$2,749$340
2/1/267n CaribbeanBalcony$2,569$2,919$350
2/8/267n CaribbeanInside$1,839$2,139$300
2/8/267n CaribbeanOceanview$2,159$2,499$340
2/8/267n CaribbeanCentral Park Balcony$2,529$2,889$360
2/8/267n CaribbeanBalcony$2,869$3,109$240
2/22/267n CaribbeanInside$1,839$2,139$300
2/22/267n CaribbeanOceanview$2,159$2,499$340
2/22/267n CaribbeanBalcony$2,869$3,109$240
3/1/267n CaribbeanInside$1,819$2,108$289
3/1/267n CaribbeanOceanview$2,119$2,458$339
3/1/267n CaribbeanCentral Park Balcony$2,499$2,849$350
3/1/267n CaribbeanBalcony$2,659$3,029$370
3/8/267n CaribbeanInside$2,079$2,259$180
4/12/267n CaribbeanInside$1,819$2,108$289
4/12/267n CaribbeanOceanview$2,119$2,458$339
4/12/267n CaribbeanCentral Park Balcony$2,499$2,849$350
4/12/267n CaribbeanBalcony$2,819$3,059$240
4/19/267n CaribbeanInside$1,909$2,219$310
4/19/267n CaribbeanOceanview$2,229$2,589$360
4/19/267n CaribbeanCentral Park Balcony$2,619$2,989$370
4/19/267n CaribbeanBalcony$2,789$3,179$390
Rates are per person, tax additional, based on DOUBLE Occupancy. Triples and Quads not combinable with these rates. Limited Inventory.

Icons Never Stop Pushing Limits

Finally, a sequel as good as the original. The new Star of the Seas℠ doubles down on Icon Class thrills, chill and wows. Like six record-breaking waterslides and a fear-inducing challenge high above the sea. Seven splashy pools with epic views. Over 40 ways to dine and drink. Entertainment that rocks the house. Plus, stops at the award-winning Perfect Day at CocoCay on every sailing. And much more to be revealed as we await the big arrival in summer 2025.

Star of the Seas Coming Summer 2025

Star of the Seas coming summer 2025.

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