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5 Best Cruises from Boston

You’ll find great cruise ports all around the United States. From Seattle and San Diego to Miami and Boston, every corner of the country has at least a couple of departure cities for epic cruises. While they obviously all are strategically picked by the major cruise...

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5 Best Cruises from San Francisco

Home to the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco a world-class destination on its own. Additionally, it is also a popular departing point for cruises. How amazing is it that you can start, or finish, your cruise with some urban exploration...

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Adult Only Cruises

In the last few decades, the cruise industry has ballooned into a multi-billion-dollar industry with more than 27 million people going on cruises every year. It’s also gotten much more diverse than it used to be. Now, you can find a cruise in pretty much every...

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4 Best Times to Cruise to the Galapagos

Famous as the main place where Charles Darwin got his world-changing insights on natural selection during his voyage on the Beagle, the Galapagos Islands are among the world’s greatest island destinations. We’ve answered several frequently asked questions in this...

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Oceania World Cruises

Ever since the 16th century, people have tried and succeeded in sailing around the globe. Now, that once-dangerous feat can be accomplished by ordinary people as well—and as a leisure activity at that. This is arguably the best and easiest way to see the world....

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Viking World Cruises

Ever since the Age of Exploration, people have been traveling to the furthest corners of the globe. It all started as entrepreneurial ventures undertaken by adventure-minded explorers, eventually evolving into an incredibly varied industry. Nowadays, everything from...

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