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Norwegian Alaska Cruise Ports, Tours & Itineraries

The epitome of wilderness in this increasingly “connected” world, Alaska is one of the last places in North America to really get away from it all. The very idea of Alaska invokes images of bald eagles soaring through a cloud-heavy sky, while grizzly bears fish for...

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How Much Does a Cruise Cost?

Sometimes, cruise fares seem too good to be true. A multi-day cruise to the Caribbean for only a few hundred dollars per person? You might wonder how on Earth that’s possible. And you’d be right to be a little skeptical. The fact that cruises are some of the cheapest...

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Cruises to Africa

While it might look relatively small on Mercator-style world maps, Africa is actually a gigantic continent. It’s the second-largest continent on Earth, only after Asia. Africa is, for example, more than 2 million square miles bigger than North America. The Sahara...

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Top 5 Caribbean Cruise Destinations

If you’re craving a tropical getaway but don’t want to spend a huge amount of money, there’s no better place to cruise to than the Caribbean. Consisting of literally hundreds of islands, most of them home to perfect beaches, palm trees, historic sites and beautiful...

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Best Cruises to Ireland

As an island nation, Ireland is among the perfect destinations for a cruise. In addition to being extremely accessible from the Western European mainland as well as major British port cities, the country also boasts lots of history and beautiful landscapes. Now,...

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Best Honeymoon Cruises

When you’re planning your honeymoon, the first real vacation as newlyweds, you’ll certainly come across a plethora of options. From city breaks and adventurous holidays, to lounging on tropical beaches, which honeymoon type you choose depends on your personal...

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Adult Only Cruises

In the last few decades, the cruise industry has ballooned into a multi-billion-dollar industry with more than 27 million people going on cruises every year. It’s also gotten much more diverse than it used to be. Now, you can find a cruise in pretty much every...

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10 Best Luxury Cruise Lines

Some of the most common and best reasons why people go on cruises is their luxuriousness, convenience, and great food. Add in a wealth of entertainment options and you’re looking at an extraordinary travel experience. The following luxury cruise lines have what it...

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Best Alaska Cruises for Glaciers, Fjords, and Wildlife

The largest state in the U.S., Alaska is huge in size but also in cruise opportunities. If you’d like to venture beyond the “cruise classics” like the Caribbean, Hawaii or Mediterranean, why not head up north and explore coastal Alaska on one of this year’s best...

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