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Viking World Cruises

Ever since the Age of Exploration, people have been traveling to the furthest corners of the globe. It all started as entrepreneurial ventures undertaken by adventure-minded explorers, eventually evolving into an incredibly varied industry. Nowadays, everything from...

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Galapagos Cruises

Few archipelagos on earth invoke such a sense of exoticness, discovery, and adventure than the Galapagos Islands. A collection of islands situated on both sides of the equator, the Galapagos lie in the Pacific Ocean and are part of Ecuador. They became renowned as one...

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Best Destinations for December Cruises

Although many people living in the Northern Hemisphere think of going on a cruise as something you do in summer (June through August), winter is actually also a pretty amazing time for a cruise. In fact, some of the absolute best cruises in the world take place in the...

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10 Best Cruise Destinations in the World

Are you ready to go on another cruise and looking for the best cruise destinations? After some online research, you’ll have noticed that there are plenty of options. And as the cruise industry continues to expand its reach while at the same time sometimes narrowing...

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Best Cruise Lines for Vegan and Vegetarian Cruises

It’s no secret that many cruise lines love carnivores. You just have to look at the menu of various cruise ship restaurants to see what we mean. There’s a plethora of meat-focused restaurants, grills, barbecue places and burger joints onboard. From surf ‘n’ turf at...

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5 Best Cruises for Kids

If you have children, whether toddlers or teenagers, and you’re looking for an ideal vacation option, cruises should always be considered. Family travel has boomed in the cruise industry in recent years. Where it was once a challenge to find a kid-friendly cruise...

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