7 Best Cruise Lines for Couples

Sailing a shimmering tropical sea with your favorite person in the world is one of the most romantic things you can do. Cruising and romance is a match made in heaven, just like the two of you!

There are a lot of cruise lines that focus their advertising on couples, with photos of lovebirds sipping champagne on their balcony or cozying up against each other during sunset. If you’re thinking about going on a cruise with your other half, you should know the best cruise lines for couples.

Best Cruise Lines for Couples

It’s one thing to decide that you’re going on a cruise together, but deciding on which cruise line, and more specifically, which cruise ship to go for is something else. The following best cruise lines for couples are those offering the best amenities, cabins with private balconies, and venues for romantic dinners and dates.

1. Princess Cruises

Majestic sea cliffs on the Napali Coast of Hawaii sloping into a bright blue ocean.
Majestic Napali Coast on Kauai, Hawaii consisting of sea cliffs, narrow valleys, streams, and waterfalls. Credit: Alexander Demyanenko – stock.adobe.com

The cruise line of the “Love Boat” TV show, Princess Cruises naturally belongs in this list of the best cruise lines for couples. One of the main focuses of this specific company has always been romance. If you want a little bit more charm, try one of their older and smaller ships.

One of Princess Cruises’ greatest features is its “Movies Under the Stars” nights. What’s more romantic than snuggling up under a blanket and watching a movie outdoors together? This open-air poolside amphitheater also serves as a venue for concerts, and even watching major sports games on a big screen.

Other perks of Princes couples cruises are The Sanctuary retreat and the top-deck lounger Adagio. So, whether you want to cozy up and watch a movie, dance the night away in a lounge, or enjoy an intimate dinner, Princess Cruises has you covered.

2. Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Pink sand beach during sunset in Bermuda.
Horseshoe Bay Beach, a pink sand beach on Bermuda’s south shore. Credit: romylee – stock.adobe.com

Regent Seven Seas Cruises claims that its Seven Seas Explorer is the “most luxurious ship ever constructed.” One of the best cruise ships for couples, the ship has only suites with balconies, while it also boasts personalized service, great cuisine and an infinity pool.

Because this is also the most inclusive of all cruise lines, prices tend to be higher. However, there’s a lot of luxury and privacy in large suites to justify that. Dinners in its several specialized restaurants are included in the price, which makes it possible to go on a romantic date literally every single night.

3. Windstar

Largest sailing cruise ship in the ocean.
Windstar Wind Surf is a five-mast staysail schooner, Windstar’s flagship, anad the largest sailing cruise ship in the world. Credit: "’Wind Surf’ Nassau" (CC BY 2.0) by FaceMePLS – Image resized.

Voted the “Best Small Ship Cruise Line”, Windstar Cruises is the perfect choice for sailing holidays without the crowds. All their ships are elegant and functional, intimate yet spacious. With fewer than 350 passengers on each ship, you get to explore the world’s most captivating and gorgeous destination in a relaxed, personal way.

Previous guests have said that “it’s like being on a private yacht with some other people”, a statement that strongly supports Windstar’s status as one of the most romantic cruise lines.

Thanks to the smallness and intimacy of the Windstar cruise ships, you’ll find plenty of places and spaces to snuggle up to your loved one, enjoy a candlelight dinner with just the two of you, watch the stars at night,… And the fact that Windstar ships literally have billowing white sails should be enough to consider this cruise line for the couples cruise of your dreams.

Additionally, the small Windstar ships can access ports that those huge cruise ships cannot. This offers you the unique opportunity to—along with onboard coziness—explore more intimate and off-the-beaten-cruise-ship-path destinations.

You won’t have to work your way through masses of other cruisers in a popular port city, or fight for space while browsing local boutiques. Instead, you get a much more authentic experience.

4. Viking Ocean Cruises

Cruise ship sailing through Venice at sunset.
Viking ocean cruise ship sailing into Venice. Credit: Viking Cruises

When it comes to destination-focused itineraries, few cruise lines do a better job than Viking Ocean Cruises. This is a superb choice for couples who like active and immersive holidays. The itineraries are chock-full with shore excursions, activities and late nights.

Each cabin has its own private balcony, while if you want ultimate luxury, you can splurge on the Owner’s Suite that has a private sauna and dining room. Note that there’s not as much entertainment on board as you’ll find on other cruise lines. However, the on-shore activities and destination-packed itineraries definitely make up for that.

This is, after all, the “thinking person’s” cruise line, which pays great attention to its destination and related activities. Services are world-class, while there’s no lack of cultural enrichment, such as classical concerts, culinary tours, destination-focused dining and beautifully design Scandinavian-style decor.

5. Celebrity Cruises

Happy senior older couple inside cruise ship spa with bathrobes on.
Pamper yourself to a onboard spa services. Credit: Rido – stock.adobe.com

With numerous date-night options, the ships of Celebrity Cruises have everything to make it one of the best cruise lines for couples. You can enjoy couples massages, dance deep into the night, go wine tasting, or simply hang out at the adults-only Solarium.

A major highlight will undoubtedly be having a picnic on the top-deck Lawn Club, the only lawn of real grass on a cruise ship. This country club vibe, combined with glamorous boutiques, a well-stocked library and wide range of entertainment options makes Celebrity a great choice for your next couples cruise.

There are also plenty of quality restaurants serving high-end dishes like caviar and foie gras. Note that these are not adults-only cruises, though, so try and avoid the school holidays for a more relaxed trip.

6. Azamara Club Cruises

A sunny Caribbean beach with chairs, turquoise water and sapphire blue skies.
A sunny Caribbean beach with chairs, turquoise water and sapphire blue skies. Credit: kubais – stock.adobe.com

For intimate couple’s cruises, Azamara Club Cruises is unquestionable to best cruise line out there right now. Its two relatively small ships sail destination-focused itineraries and don’t even have children’s programs on offer. Clearly, this company caters toward couples and not families.

During your cruise, there will be ample opportunities for romantic dates nights, after-dinner excursions, long port explorations, and full-service spa treatments.

Arguably the main feature for couples on board is the “Nights in Private Places” package, which lets you enjoy the aft spa by yourselves. This truly amazing all-night package includes a candlelit dinner served by a private butler and an outdoor bed surrounded by candles. People have called this night the “best evening in their lives, and an unforgettable experience.”

7. Oceania

Copacabana beach with mountains in the background in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Credit: Ekaterina Belova – stock.adobe.com

With lots of amenities included in the price, such as internet service, airfare, specialty restaurants,… Oceania Cruises is a very attractive cruise line for couples. This luxury cruise line offers undeniable value, as well as an impressive array of couples activities and facilities.

Its ships are not as massive as those of its competitors—although the Marina and Riviera can host up to 1,250 guests—which means that there’s more room for personalized high-end service, coziness and intimacy that many couples look for. Cruises with Oceania are all about warmth, grace and elegance, while its smaller number of passengers also means no waiting lines or times, or excessively packed facilities.

As far as those facilities go, couples can enjoy the relaxing Aquamar Spa and Vitality Center, the outdoor pool, guest lectures, casino action, jazz nights, 18-hole golf putting greens, dancing at clubs, and sensational cuisine. Unlike many other cruise lines, on Oceania ships, literally every meal is prepared individually—there are no mass-cooked meals or pre-prepared buffets here.

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