6 Best Cruise Lines for Foodies

It’s fair to say that the main reason why people go on cruises is not food. No, many people choose a cruise for its ample amenities, beautiful destinations and weather, and amazing entertainment. Food is often a secondary priority, usually provided in the form of buffets—whether all-you-can-eat or all-inclusive, or something else. So, in this seemingly under-saturated market, you might wonder: “which cruise line has the best food?“.

Those of you who like both cruising and eating well, don’t have to worry. There are, perhaps surprisingly, actually quite a few cruise lines with ships that focus on cuisine as well. As the societal focus shifts toward locally sourced, sustainably produced and ethically grown ingredients—organic food, and farm-to-table restaurants… cruise lines have no choice but to follow that trend. And they do so with rather remarkable success.

Many cruise lines now cater toward foodies. They feature things like specialty niche restaurants, cooking classes, excursions to local farmers markets, cuisine-focused itineraries and dishes made with popular ingredients from specific ports of call. Additionally, pretty much every cruise line has a chef who has a Michelin star nowadays. If that’s not proof that modern cruise lines take cuisine seriously, we don’t know what is!

Best Cruise Lines for Foodies and Fine Dining

If your taste buds can appreciate the more sophisticated foods of the world, you should definitely check out our recommendations for the best cruise lines for foodies and fine dining.

Norwegian Cruise Line Logo

Norwegian Cruise Line

If you fancy a cruise that departs from New York City, the ship Norwegian Breakaway from Norwegian Cruise Line should be your first choice. The cruise experience on this ship is as NYC as it gets, with its mesmerizing Broadway performances and typical eateries.

By partnering with renowned chef Geoffrey Zakarian, Norwegian has put itself in the culinary-cruise spotlight. The Breakaway’s dining venues include everything from a Brazilian steakhouse to the highly rated seafood restaurant Ocean Blue, which is run by Zakarian.

Recommended restaurant: Ocean Blue

Suggested dishes: Caribbean lobster risotto, and whole roast Dover sole with meunière sauce

Crystal Cruises

The two ocean cruise ships from Crystal Cruises, the Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony, feature some excellent culinary highlights. Both ships have a classy Crystal Dining Room, a fantastic restaurant that consistently ranks as one of the greatest dining venues at sea. This exceptional restaurant sets the bar high for all other restaurants and cruise lines out there.

Winos will also be in heaven onboard these ships. Trained sommeliers will help you pick out the perfect wine for your meal. The wine cellars on the ships are stocked with an incredible 10,000+ bottles, including more than 230 vintages.

Besides this high-end dining, you can also enjoy some more casual food. There is the charming Italian and Mediterranean restaurant Prego, while Silk Road serves Japanese-Peruvian dishes created by renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Other foods such as tapas and desserts are also available at the ships’ other eateries.

Recommended restaurants: Crystal Dining Room

Suggested dish: roasted wild pheasant breast with pistachio stuffing on Champagne sauerkraut

MSC Cruises

The largest privately owned cruise line in the world, MSC Cruises has an extraordinary line-up of world-renowned chefs, including Jean-Philippe Maury, one of the best pastry chefs in France; Carlo Cracco, who has two Michelin stars; and Roy Yamaguchi and Jereme Leung. The company says that these collaborations with award-winning chefs are one of their ways to make sure that everything on board is superb.

Food offerings on a MSC cruise range from pan-Asian fusion and American-style finger food to Tex-Mex and sushi. What distinguishes MSC for the other cruise lines, however, is Eataly. This concept provides you with the absolute best of Italian cuisine. Depending on which ship you’re on, there’s an Eataly Restaurant, Eataly Steakhouse and/or Eataly Shop. The latter sells all kinds of Italian foods, including organic wines, aged balsamic vinegars and olive oils, and pastas. Eataly venues are found on the MSC Divina and MSC Preziosa.

Recommended restaurant: Eataly

Suggested dish: anything on the menu of Eataly is delicious


Seabourn is one of the world’s best luxury cruise lines, sailing literally all over the world. From Alaska to Antarctica, from the Mediterranean to the South Pacific, if you’re after luxurious journey to pretty much every coastal destination on earth, this is the company for you.

One of its greatest features is its gourmet dining. Serving award-winning cuisine, the various dining venues on each Seabourn ship provide you with the perfect choice to suit your mood. Whether you’d like to enjoy a meal on your own verandah or at an intimate restaurant, the choice is yours.

Seabourn partners with Thomas Keller, a world-famous American restaurateur who owns three Michelin-starred restaurants. In a nutshell, dining at a Seabourn ship is a world-class experience.

Recommended restaurant: Restaurant 2

Suggested dishes: foie gras crème brulée, and lobster herb ravioli

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas is the ship for you if you’re into mouthwatering (and even experimental) food. This is the ship that makes Royal Caribbean one of the best cruise lines for foodies and fine dining.

One of the most revolutionary cruise ships that currently sail the seas, Quantum of the Seas has no fewer than fifteen restaurants. There’s a bionic bar—where actual robots mix your cocktails!—and a sushi restaurant, while the Chef’s Table offers a superb private five-course dining experience.

What you should focus on, however, are the restaurants owned by famous British chef Jamie Oliver and renowned Miami chef Michael Schwartz. Another highly recommended venue is the Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine, where you can try experimental dishes.

Recommended restaurants: Jamie’s Italian and Michael’s Genuine Pub

Suggested dishes: everything on the menu at Wonderland

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is basically the cruise line that gave the world the concept of “chef’s table at sea”. It is, in other words, a pioneer when it comes to culinary cruises and one of the best cruise lines for foodies and fine dining in the world. And that’s a true statement, Food & Wine Magazine having voted it as one of the “best cruises for food lovers”—literally.

On a Princess Cruise, there’s lack of neither high-end cuisine nor dining options. Everything from hand-tossed pizzas to world-class chocolates to multi-course gourmet dinners is available.

Princess Cruises has teamed up with two award-winning chefs, Los Angeles-based chef Curtis Stone and Ernesto Uchimura who founded the world’s first umami burger restaurant. Chocolatier Norman Love crafts stunning desserts and creates menus filled with different chocolate drinks, including chocolate-infused cocktails. His “Chocolate Journeys” also feature wine-and-chocolate pairings, which is always a fun thing to do.

Recommended restaurant: The Salty Dog Gastropub

Suggested dish: The “Ernesto” burger, previously voted as the best burger at sea

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