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Join Viking as they usher in a new era of ocean cruising by taking the innovative thinking behind award-winning river cruises and bringing it to the epic setting of the sea. Viking has asked their guests, listened, observed—and now crafted the ultimate kind of cruise: one focused on destinations.

Viking believes the best way to understand a country is through enrichment. On their cruises, you truly explore your destination—through its food, culture, countryside, and customs. Perhaps you accompany the ship’s chef on a trip to a local market; go behind the scenes of a famous theater company; or even view private collections and hidden vaults at world-class museums. They have a history of providing guests a way to get below the surface, not just “check off” each port. That’s why Viking Ocean Cruises are centered around where you go, not just how you get there—with hand-picked itineraries so you can immerse yourself in history, music, art, cuisine—everything about your destination.

In addition, Viking includes excursions led by knowledgeable local guides in every port of call. You learn about the lands through which you travel via enriching lectures that bring history to life; through cultural adventures; in-depth pre-trip materials; and on-demand programming—all designed to help you experience the most from your travels.

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Viking Expeditions deals

Viking:  Heart of the Delta

Viking: Heart of the Delta

Stay Local, with Up to Free Air and $400 Voucher Savings!

From $3,999 pp
Viking:  America’s Heartland

Viking: America’s Heartland

Up to Free Air, $400 Voucher Savings and Stay Local!

From $4,399 pp
Viking:  America’s Great River

Viking: America’s Great River

Explore your own backyard with $400 Voucher Savings and Up to Free Air!

From $10,999 pp

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