Oceania Cruises Unveils New Exotic Itineraries

Imagine warm sun rays kissing your skin while a soft breeze caresses your cheeks. Lying on a comfy lounger, you look around and see a shimmering blue sea. Palm trees rock gently back and forth, their leaves rustling in the wind. Children are playing in the sand. Waves lap against a sandy shore. You extend your arm, your fingers grab a cold glass. You take a sip. The sweet taste of a colorfully decorated cocktail fills your mouth. You think you might be in heaven, but you’re not. You’re simply in the tropics. You’re on vacation and this is all you ever wished for…

Exotic Tropics

The tropics is basically a wide band that circumvents the globe, from the Tropic of Cancer in the north over the equator to the Tropic of Capricorn in the south. This is where you’ll find the world’s greatest weather—a constant stream of sunshine and perpetually high temperatures. It includes all places where the sun is directly overhead at least one day of the year.

This region also happens to be home to some of the most vibrant and happiest cultures in the world. From Jamaica to Brazil, from the Maldives to Fiji, Bali and Sri Lanka, all these places have happy people living in them. Beautiful weather results in beautiful people.

Maldives Oceania Cruises

So, could you imagine a better destination for a vacation? If you want to leave the stress of everyday life, whether it’s at work or at home or both, behind, there’s no better solution than surrounding yourself with cheerful people and basking in an abundance of sunshine. Going on a relaxing cruise in the tropics is how you do that.

Oceania Cruises Offers You Exactly What You Want

One of the premier cruise lines focused on both destinations and cuisine in the world, Oceania Cruises is precisely what you’ve been looking for. Their fleet of six intimate luxury ocean cruise ships provides an exotic vacation experience unparalleled by any other cruise line today. Their cruises are renowned for their itineraries filled with great destinations, as well as their culinary offerings while at sea.

Currently, experienced travelers—some of whom have been all over the world—are still drawn to what Oceania Cruises offers. With its detailed and well-crafted voyages, the company has an extraordinary 370+ ports of call across the world, from Europe and the Americas to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and Africa. This includes many minor ports that are generally skipped by the other cruise lines.

Africa Oceania Cruises

Four of its six cruise ships—the Sirena, Nautica, Insignia and Regatta—can accommodate 684 guests, the other two—the Riviera and Marina—have room for 1,250 guests. All provide unrivaled elegance and style.

Oceania Cruises Tropics and Exotics Collection

What’s exciting is that Oceania Cruises has recently announced its Tropics and Exotics itineraries for the cruise season and it couldn’t possibly be more exciting. This will be the cruise line’s most extensive offer of tropical itineraries in its history.

Including many popular tourist destinations in exotic locations all around the world, these itineraries also go well off the beaten ocean cruising path. Taking in charming boutique ports and surprising ports of call in less-visited destinations, this is precisely what sets Oceania Cruises apart from the rest.

There will be a more than 240 ports of call, many with overnight or even extended stays so that you’ll have the chance to see these destinations in greater detail and at a slower pace, allowing for more culinary, historical, cultural and natural exploration.

This will be the cruise line’s most extensive offer of tropical itineraries in its history

More Highlights Than You Can Count

The Tropics and Exotics Collection of the 2018-2019 season comprises of no fewer than 75 different itineraries, giving guests the chance to pick that the perfect journey for them. Of those 75 itineraries, 53 will be brand new. These new offerings include 23 new itineraries in the Caribbean, 12 journeys in Asia and Africa, and 10 new sailings in the South Pacific.

Some of these aren’t your typical 7 or 10-day cruises either. In fact, there will be 24 so-called Extended Journeys that will last from 17 to an amazing 59 days. These long journeys are really the ultimate ways to explore Australia, Asia, Africa, the Americas and/or the Caribbean.

Whatever destination you choose, you’ll be blown away by the sheer quality, luxury, food, level of expertise and in-depth cultural exploration that comes with an Oceania Cruises cruise. Whether you immerse yourself in Polynesian cultures in the South Pacific, or meet the ever-happy people of the Caribbean, or explore the coasts of Australia and New Zealand, or get to know the wonders hidden in the Far East or coastal Africa, you’ll arrive back home afterward with a suitcase full of incredible experiences, lifelong memories and wonderful stories. And lots of great photos, of course!

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