Celebrity Edge: First Look

Celebrity Cruises, which is one of the three members of the Royal Caribbean family, will once again raise the bar for what a cruise ship should be. Royal Caribbean being a pioneer in modern ocean cruises, the company has modernized and pushed the limits of the cruise industry. For example, when they first started, almost no cruise ships had balconies—they all had portholes. After Royal Caribbean began equipping their ships with balconies, it became the industry standard.

Revolutionizing the Industry

Now, with the introduction of five brand new Celebrity Edge vessels, they will make portholes and even balconies a thing of the past. These futuristic and innovative ships, an entirely new category, really, will bring the now-classic stateroom balconies indoors. Instead of stepping outside onto outdoor balconies, passengers will now be able to literally make their entire room a balcony. By pushing a button, they can retract their room’s floor-to-ceiling windows. Only a basic glass railing will then stand between their couches and the shimmering ocean.

A Name Well Chosen

The Celebrity Edge ships will ultimately transform the way people look at cruising. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, amenities and features (see below), they will convince even the most reluctant cruise-goer.

Choosing the name for this new category of cruise vessels was easy, they say. Looking at everything that makes them so exceptional—all features were taken to the very edge of what’s currently possible during the design process—the name “Edge” was more than appropriate. Now, with their new class of ships, Celebrity Cruises will introduce a breakthrough in luxury ocean travel.

Features of the Celebrity Edge Ships

Boasting a wide range of hypermodern features, the Celebrity Edge ships will be at the top of what’s considered to be luxury travel. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of a handful of the most noteworthy features of Celebrity Edge class.

Magic Carpet

One of the core characteristics of this revolutionary concept is its outward-facing vision. This is shown very clearly in the Magic Carpet. This marvelous venue is able to change its function and mood, and even its location.

Celebrity Edge Magic Carpet

This public area is about as large as a tennis court and hovers on the edge—where else?—of the ship. It moves up and down along a vertical track, somewhat like a giant outside elevator. It truly is an engineering marvel, the first floating platform that reaches a height of thirteen stories above sea level in the world.

The Magic Carpet’s function changes dependent on the level it’s at. For example, on deck 5, it is a lunch spot with panoramic views. When it’s on deck 14, it is an extension to the stunning poolside area. Toward the end of the day, the platform will be at deck 16 and turn into a stylish restaurant where you can enjoy world-class cuisine and superb views.

Resort Deck

Outward-facing is what these ships are all about and that’s also applied to the Resort Deck. This astonishing deck is basically the ultimate adult playground. It encompasses the Pool Deck, the Rooftop Garden and the Solarium, three areas that are exceptional in their own right. There’s also a jogging track, which runs across two decks, winding its way up, down and around the Resort Deck.

Celebrity Edge Resort Deck

The outward-facing Pool Deck is an asymmetrical poolside area with a gallery filled with art installations, beautiful private cabanas and two-story hot tubs. This is all centered on the 25-yard pool, which is the largest pool in the Celebrity Cruises fleet.

Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden

Another feature of the Resort Deck, the Rooftop Garden is filled with treetop sculptures and is a place that offers a retreat day and night. Musical performances and even movies offer an interactive combination of entertainment and food.

The third main part of the Resort Deck is the Solarium, an adults-only indoor pool area. A luxurious bathing and swimming area, the Solarium features a huge 3D wall depicting the movements and colors of the ocean.

Celebrity Edge Resort Deck Solarium

Infinite Verandas

Having redefined the concept of a balcony with these ships, Celebrity is able to increase the surface area of its cabins, expanding them to the edge of the ship. The staterooms are 23% larger on average. With their retractable floor-to-ceiling windows, the staterooms basically resemble an infinity pool.

Celebrity Edge Stateroom Infinite Verdana

This revolutionary design goes much further than just its visual and spatial aspects. In all other current cruise ships, it’s the outside balconies that help balance the ship, distributing the weight of the vessel. Without balconies, the whole support system of the ship had to be redesigned, making this a truly cutting-edge class of ships.

Mobile Control

Lastly, the Celebrity app allows you to do everything on your phone during the cruise. This includes everything from checking in and opening your stateroom door to controlling the room’s temperature and light. The app also contains a map of the ship and a daily schedule of events. This fantastic feature makes every sailing as personal as possible.


Celebrity Edge will take passengers around one of the places in the world most associated with “paradise”. Two sun-soaked sailings will be available, both in the Caribbean.

7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise

The first seven-night Eastern Caribbean cruise will depart in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in December, 2018. Cruising around this paradise-like tropical region, you will visit three major places—San Juan in Puerto Rico, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, and Philipsburg in St. Maarten.

7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise

The second itinerary, the seen-night Western Caribbean cruise, will also kick off in December, 2018, in Fort Lauderdale. This western-bound journey takes in Key West in Florida, Costa Maya and Cozumel in Mexico, and George Town in Grand Cayman.

In addition to these two separate cruises, you can also link them together for a memorable fourteen-day voyage around the entire Caribbean. You can start booking one of these sailings, on the world’s most revolutionary cruise ships, right now.

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